Dear Visitors, We welcome you to the online store “ETLOOB” and we provide you with the terms and conditions related to your use and access to our store, all pages, links, tools and the branched properties. Your use of the “ETLOOB ” Online store is your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement which includes all the details below and is an affirmation of your obligation to respond to the content of this agreement for our online store.

1. This Introduction is an integral part of this Agreement and is integrated  and complies with all its terms and conditions.

2. Terms:

The terms defined or written in bold shall have the meanings set out in this Article.

          2.1 The online store (the website): is the website installed on the Internet in the name of “ETLOOB” and owned by the commercial agent alone, the competent in marketing and selling of products in accordance with the terms and conditions displayed and installed in the website.

          2.2 The Companies (Clients):  Companies that offer products or materials to display them on their behalf, market them and sell them on the online store (Website) for a specific commission. These Companies (Clients) are subject to the normal commercial agency, whether they appear in their own name or in the name of their subsidiaries or in any capacity.


          2.3 Customers: Any natural or legal person seeking to market the products displayed on the online store (The Website) according to the legal rules and conditions of the store and the local and international legal rules. Any visitor to the Website shall be considered a customer as long as he has not started to purchase any product from the online store, The online store doesn’t have any legal obligation towards the customers as a result of the absence of any contractual relationship between them.

         2.4 Purchaser : Any natural or legal person who purchases from the online store any of the products and / or materials offered to him in accordance with the terms and conditions and protocols of the online store (the website). The customer acknowledges that he wishes to purchase any product from the online store by clicking on the product to transfer it to the shopping basket, is an explicit acknowledgment of his and acceptance of all the conditions, legal provisions and protocols of the online store (the website). The completion of the customer’s personal data list and identifying the products or materials that he wishes to purchase and sending a request to the store by these materials is considered as an advanced affirmation for purchasing wish, which is proved by sending a message from the online store confirming the installation of these products under the customer’s name and in his favor. Upon the arrival of this message, the customer has acquired the purchaser’s status and rights. Then, Contracting is completed between purchaser and the online store.

           2.5 Passwords: These are passwords and special security symbols (such as user name, password or any other information) which may be given by the online store management (the website) to some or all of the companies (the clients) and / or purchasers optionally and / or compulsively provided as a part of the security procedures. In this case, the natural or legal person who obtains these words and security symbols must deal with them in strict confidence. He is solely responsible for maintaining the information and his security symbols. He may not disclose the password to third parties. (Other than the other parties authorized by online store to use his account) .The person who was provided by these words and security symbols from the online store (the website) is solely responsible for any use or action taken under his password, and in case of hacking of his password, He must change it immediately. The online store may stop any identifying name or password, whether chosen by the company (the client) and / or the customer, or the online store allocates in its reasonable opinion at any time if the online store (Website) that the natural or legal person (the company (the client) and / or the customer) has failed to comply with any of the conditions of this online store (Website).

3. Corporate Obligations:

           3.1  Providing the online store by the basic and valid legal documents including a certified copy of the trade registry of the company and the authorized signatory, and a list of the goods to be marketed by the online store agent (The Website). The company must have the ability to do business in the selected country according to the applicable laws In the Syrian Arab Republic and the restriction of its laws.

           3.2 Ensure that their products do not cause any personal injury or damage to properties and provide special care that may require products that may pose a risk, including but not limited to (individual health and safety) additional guarantees given to the online store (the website) to allow the sale. Certain laws may apply to the sale of this type of products. Responsibility for compliance with these laws rests with the Company (the client) and assumes sole responsibility and / or costs for any liability as a result of non-compliance with health requirements and related safety requirements and / or selling products that pose a risk to individuals or Property of persons. The Company (the client) is solely responsible for any of its products ordered or distributed through the Website and the Online Store reserves the right to refuse products that are classified as prohibited and amended from time to time. Products offered for sale on the Online Store (the website) shall comply with all laws, regulations, policies and protocols that are specified in and updated from time to time. It is strictly prohibited to sell illegal, unsafe or other prohibited products from the competent authorities, including products that are only available under a prescription, certain license or other special conditions and restrictions for sale. Before the inclusion or requesting for inclusion of products in the online store (the website), a thorough review of the relevant guidelines pages should be made. Excludes those cases where the care of the person concerned prescribes the company’s (the client) prior knowledge of the necessity of certain safeguards when selling these products or not selling them and marketing them to the public (Such as medical prescription or similar) or the illegal sale of such products. In this case, the company (the client) shall bear full responsibility for the request or offer of these products on the online store (the website) whether or not these products are mentioned in the relevant guidelines. Help pages are not exhaustive examples, but presented only as a kind of guidance information.

           3.3Provide the warranties required and maintenance of the products sold by the commercial agent and its online store (the website) and continue to take responsibility for the after-sale services, warranties, guarantees and maintenance and any defects that may appear in relation to your products, according to applicable law where they may not ask the online store (The website) to do so on their behalf.

           3.4 Fill each product sold through a commercial agent or store in a commercially reasonable manner to meet all packaging requirements.

            3.5 Securing of products of the commercial agent within two days from the date of the purchaser’s request for the product. If the product is classified in the category of products that must be delivered to the purchaser within a maximum of three working days from the date of organizing the relevant order by the purchaser, the client acknowledges that the goods must be delivered to the commercial agent within 24 hours From the date of the order.

           3.6 The customer is obliged to insure a product of a larger and smaller size if the order relates to a product with multiple sizes and the commitment of this client is limited to a period not exceeding 7 working days.

           3.7 The Client shall indemnify the Commercial Agent for any loss incurred or in the following cases:

                      3.7.1. Delaying delivery of the product on time for delivery.

                      3.7.2. Canceling a confirmed order for the purchaser.

                      3.7.3. Any damage or loss resulting from the fault of the client.

           3.8 The client is obliged to return any product marketed through the commercial agent or his online store (the website) within a maximum period of ten working days if the return is due to the customer’s refusal to receive the product or a defect or shortage caused by the client. (the clients) admit that (the website) do not have ownership or own the products or the inventory of the products at any stage by virtue of providing our own services in accordance with the terms of the online store (the website). Where the products remain the property of the seller until the delivery is successfully completed and completed by the purchaser or returned to the company (the client).

          3.9 Informing the client of the quantity of goods available from each product and its specifications accurately. The agent shall not be entitled to amend these quantities until after informing the customer in advance and obtaining his consent in this regard.

          3.10 The products are identical to the declared specifications, specifications and images provided to the commercial agent, and the companies (the clients) are prohibited from placing any misleading advertising or information about their products or any trademark on the online store (the website). If they are found to be in breach of the terms of this online store, they must accept the return of the products and take responsibility for the online store (the website).

          3.11 Notify the commercial agent of all instructions given by the manufacturer, distributor, and / or product licensing authority, if any, specifying the date on which the specific information about that product (Eg. title of a book) may not be made available, Otherwise make it available to customers.

          3.12 Attach a special packing card to the order, and limit the delivery of the product to the agent of the competent agent, who holds an official letter stamped with the stamp of the commercial agent in addition to delivery of any tax invoices, in each shipment of your products.

          3.13 Companies (the clients) are prohibited from registering with a false name and / or impersonating any other vendor’s credentials or passwords. The Company assumes full civil and criminal liability for such fraudulent behavior and for any violation of national or regional laws and regulations. (the clients) of the online store (the website) recognizes that registering to offer their products or products and materials that belong to them (the clients) shall mean an express acknowledgment of acceptance of all the conditions of the online store (the website) and its provisions and the special protocols with it.

          3.14 Except as expressly permitted by These terms of this website, the obligation to not contact the costumer (Through the telephone , E-mail or other means of) To confirm your order or performances of your products or for any other cause.

          3.15 The Company shall be liable for the payment of taxes associated with the Products (including any interest or penalties imposed by any competent authority due to delay or non-payment of such taxes, in accordance with the laws of the Syrian Arab Republic or the State selected in each case) Tax, sales tax, and other similar taxes on transactions, production taxes, gross proceeds and indirect taxes.

          3.16 The companies (the clients) acknowledge that the sale through the online store (the website) is exclusively in Syrian pounds and they do not have to demand any amendment regarding this article, which means that this reflects the cash transaction between the agent and the company.

4. Online Store Policies (The Website):

          4.1. Intellectual property:

The request of the company or the agent to display any product on the online store (the website) is a permanent, comprehensive and non-exclusive license and the responsibility of the company (the client) to use, copy, distribute, modify and disclose to third parties any content, trademarks, materials or images related to the product to be displayed on the online store (The website) and the company (the client) guarantees that it is entitled to grant such license.
In the event that the seller or the owner of a trademark from third parties notify the online store (website) or through a court or administrative or governmental order that the products or any part thereof infringes the intellectual property rights in accordance with the laws in force in the selected country )

                    4.1.1. Copyright or authorship, patents, database rights, trademark rights, designs, technical knowledge, confidential information (both registered and unregistered)

                    4.1.2. Applications for registration, and the right to register, for any such rights.

                    4.1.3, All other intellectual property rights, equal or similar protections found elsewhere in the world) or any other rights of third parties or under any laws applicable in the selected State

The online store (the website) shall have the right to remove such products from the website and / or to provide the company (the client) with the request to remove those products at the discretion of the department of the online store alone. In addition, the online store does not have to return any information, materials or documents to you , Either before or after termination of these Website Terms or cancellation of the Seller’s account.
Such information, materials or documents shall be deemed to belong exclusively to the online store (the website).

The companies acknowledge that their use of certain confidential information that does not appear to customers or purchasers does not mean their ownership of any such information. This information remains the exclusive property of the online store (the Website), as is the case with all information or data related to the online store or its business. The use of the information available from the online store without the possibility of using it or leaking it to others in any way except on the basis of a written leave issued by the authority authorized by the department of the online store.

          4.2 Changes, updates, and upgrades:

The management of the online store (the website) have the right at any time, at its absolute discretion, change, update and upgrade the website or the protocols governing its work. Such works shall be valid from the date of publication of amendments to the website and / or sending notice to the company (the client) including the means of electronic communication. The continued use of the Website by the Company (the client) (as evidenced by its access to its Account) and our Services following the posting of any changes, notifications and / or request for continued approval, shall constitute acceptance by such party of such changes.

The Company (the Client), in the event that it does not accept any of the changes made to these Terms of the Website, shall not continue to use the Website or its services. (the website) may be changed from time to time by any of its services to the extent necessary to comply with any change in applicable laws.

          4.3 Online Store Responsibility:

The advertisement of the company or the client on the online store (the website) is considered to be a license to view the properties in the online store and accept them as they are and their position whether or not they comply with their requirements and / or whether they are in a timely and secure manner and contain no errors which the company (the client) should accept. The website, its management or its owners are not liable for any liability according to these characteristics and their nature. The online store (the website) and its owners and management shall not be responsible for any damages or errors resulting from electronic failures. Was not the result of a serious professional error The system of the store or any other system failures and other interruptions that may affect the sale through the online store (the website) is not reliable and cannot be held accountable for the online store or its management or its owners any accountability in this regard.

In no case shall the value of the compensation requested by the online store (the website), its management or its owners exceed the commission received by the online store from the company (the client) at the expense of the individual item.

          4.4 Precautions:

The online store (the website) shall be entitled to inform the competent authorities of any suspicious activity carried out in accordance with the legal principles in the Syrian Arab Republic. The online store (the website) may suspend the execution of its services or access to the account of the company (the client) without giving any responsibility for it in the event that a personal, financial or legal risk is identified, whether actual or potential (including, but not limited to: Seller’s violation of the terms of the online store (the website) or any of its policies and / In the provision of any of its services will entail a security risk / Material and / or regulatory action.

5. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution Methods:

The Syrian law is the law governing relations in the online store (the website). The rules of this law apply to private and public transactions therein, except as excluded by special provision. Disputes that arise between the online store and non-contracting parties shall be resolved by friendly solution within ten days from the date of filing the complaint or written objection from either party to the other party, the arbitration shall be made during the IO days from the date of the failure of the friendly solution. Arbitration by a single arbitrator agreed upon by the arbitrators. In the event that this is not possible, the arbitrators shall resort to a tripartite arbitral tribunal appointed by them, so that each arbitrator may designate an arbitrator and the name of the arbitrator appointed by the arbitrators shall be referred to the competent court in accordance with the provisions of The law The arbitrator shall appoint the arbitrator in the Syrian Arab Republic, provided that the arbitrators shall be bound to issue their judgment within one month of the handover of the arbitral assignment in accordance with the provisions of the law governing arbitration in the Syrian Arab Republic and in accordance with the provisions of the law of the subject and the procedures determined by the arbitrators or arbitrators , And the judgment issued by the arbitrators is final and the obligation of the parties to apply it is a suspension of legal assets and the principle of good faith.

6. Fragmentation of nullity:

The invalidity of any of the provisions of these terms and / or any of the protocols and / or any of the contracts and / or agreements signed between the online store and the third party shall be null and void in the paragraph that contains the nullity, without being subject to other clauses or conditions, Paragraphs as they are without detracting any of the effects of this invalidity.

7. Notifications:

The address Al Hariqah, mou’aeiyah st., Malas bldg. 2nd floor is the chosen address of any notification relating to the online store. The authorized address as the chosen address for the notification for the companies (the clients) and / or the customers shall be considered as the address of notification, to which all legal effects shall be notified.